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Franchise Consulting Services

Franchise In-Sites performs monthly analytical and consulting work for the majority of our clients. This work encompasses a complete sales pipeline analysis and monthly conference calls to discuss what was spent, what was received, and how it progressed through the sales process. Keeping everyone on the same page is critical to the success of the advertising and sales effort. We constantly tune the process from the front of the pipeline to the back, removing any crimps in production. Reviewing and strategizing on a monthly basis assures constant progress and brings an increased level of customization to the services utilized. Lead Flow Management – We regularly review the exposure and provider performance to ensure the best placements for your current needs. Utilizing short-term agreement assures that we can quickly adjust the advertising to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. Pipeline Analysis – Analytical reports are provided to our clients on a monthly basis, detailing the providers utilized, moneys spent, leads received, and sales pipeline progressions seen. We also provide quarterly, semi-annual, and annual consolidated reports. Monthly Strategy Calls – We integrate with our clients on a very personal level, providing insight into not only their processes, but the practices that we are seeing succeed in the marketplace. Our monthly strategy calls provide a platform to review the analytics, refine the processes, and strategize on how to best achieve the current goals of the franchise. Sales Process and Communications Consulting – How you handle the leads is equally important as where you get them. We help refine the sales and communications processes so that you engage your prospects, close more deals, and make more efficient and effective use of your time.